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What we are looking for:
Engineers: If you have 20+ years of oilfield engineering experience and your knowledge/experience ranges from how to “repack a pump” to what Biot’s coefficient is, you are someone we need to talk to.  Your resume should include examples of job designs, field supervision, reservoir understanding and submission of new product ideas.

Laboratory Technicians: The likely candidate is going to have 20+ years of oilfield laboratory testing experience and have performed a number of wholly customized tests for evolving product evaluation. Your knowledge is going to range from knowing what a “ferrule” is all the way to performing permeability calculations.

Chemists: Again, 20+ years of experience, plus a portfolio of oilfield product development examples on your resume. The candidate should feel comfortable in a discussion of topics ranging from formation fluid and rock interactions to intellectual property strategies. Strengths will include a dual ability to produce short-term solutions while maintaining a long-term R&D effort.