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Frac Diverting FAQs

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions with Answers. (Click the question to view the answer.)

1. What is polylacide?

2. A frequent question that comes up is “Doesn’t XXXXX have this patented?”

3. What makes a polymer (PLA) biodegradable?

4. What size particles are possible with PLA?

5. What shapes are possible with PLA?

6. What are the uses for temporary materials in completions applications?

7. Are there issues with plugging pumps when using PLA diverting materials?

8. How Do You Ensure That The Refrac Stages Are Working Their Way Up The Hole In Sequence?

9. Can We Refrac Through Frac Sleeves?

10. How do I size the material for refracturing shale formations?

11. What fluid systems are compatible with temporary diverters?

12. What surface equipment is needed for pumping diverters?

13. What is the degradation rate of biodegradable polymers?

14. How can polylactic acid diverting materials be used to overcome completion issues/problems?

15. What information is needed to begin a shale diverting treatment design?

16. How to size for bridging on slots?

17. What about refracturing in formations other than shale with a particulate diverting system?

18. Does The Material Our Company Produce Have Oilfield Applications?

19. Can PLA be made into perforation sealers?